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Greetings! So, if you are going to this page, I assume that means you want to know more about me. So well, here you go.

To start of, I’m a passionate student currently living in Indonesia. I usually describe myself as a simple man with a passion to live life to the fullest. Most of the time, I spend my time to encounter and experience new things. My main interests in particular include music, literature, natural science, medicine, psychology, philosophy, technology, and Japanese culture—many of which helped me expand my connection. I occasionally work as a radio broadcaster at Galau Jikan FM, and I also have an annual summer part-time job as an assistant educator at a nearby Kumon learning center.

Music has always been something that is irreplaceable for me—an integral part of my life. Since I was a kid, I have been exposed to different kinds of music by my family, and that’s when I started developing my hobby of singing, playing, and making music. People who meet me everyday will be able to notice my hobby for singing. Besides singing, I also like to play my guitar and compose some songs in my free time. I’ve also been taking piano lessons for quite a while now.

My preferred headphone: Shure SRH440

My music preference is not limited by genres; even though I prominently prefer pop, jazz, classical, RnB, acoustic, ballad, and techno, I have no intention to limit myself to listen to other kinds of music. I usually listen to Japanese songs, some international releases, and a few local tunes that I acknowledged. I’m also a follower of doujin ongaku (Japanese term for “indie music”) in general, and simultaneously the Vocaloid music. Some of the VocaP’s (i.e. Vocaloid Producer) really inspired me to the point of igniting my passion in composing, particularly these four: ryo(supercell), kz(livetune), DECO*27, and 40mP.

My love for literature can be traced back to my childhood. At that time, books were one of the few stuffs that strongly piqued my interest as a child—strong enough to make me stay at bookstores just to find new books to read. Nowadays, I’ve got a significantly less time to spend on reading, but I’m always trying to reserve some time for a good read. Non-fictions have always suited my fancy, but I don’t see any problem with fictions that could win me over. For me, reading about wide range of topics will allow me to learn more about the world.


Besides music and literature, science and philosophy are other things I’m really intrigued about. Natural science, particularly physics, is always a beautiful field of study in my eyes—getting to know about how things around us work can be really compelling at times. The scientific study of human’s mind and behavior through psychology also ignited my curiosity. Philosophy, on the other hand, allowed me to find thoughts and insights of many great thinkers—who literally, think about everything.

The next in line about my interests would be technology. The fact that our world has been strongly influenced by the technology in its step to evolve into the current global state it adopts, has long since motivated me to follow the development of technology itself. I’m pretty much an IT geek now, and will still be one in the future. And if you ask me whether I am an Android fanboy or an Apple fanboy, I can assure you that the answer is neither of them, haha.

Last but not least, is the Japanese culture—specifically its pop culture. Anime, manga, game, light novel, visual, novel; there are so many forms of art from Japan that have already managed to influence the whole world. Many classic anime shows and famous manga series still ring the bell as they were accompanying the days of my childhood. And even now, I’m still following the diverse, creative industry through communities; and thanks to those communities, I’ve managed to establish connections with a lot of different people.

So, I guess that’s a little bit about me; if you want to know about even more, you can simply contact me. So then, here’s a picture of Miku to close this post.(^_^)

Miku singing

9 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi, MagnAvalon (or should I call you Marcel? :)). Nice to meet you. I’m phio. I have something to ask to you. I’m trying to build an international fan-forum for supercell. The forum’s aim is to give international fans a place to worship the band and to keep them updated with news about supercell in English. However, my Japanese skill is not enough to hunt and translate articles or info about them in Japanese. Would you be able to help me in that matter?

    Looking forward for your reply, thank you very much for reading. 🙂

    • Hi, phio! You can call me MagnAvaloN just fine. \(^ ^)/
      Actually, an internatioal group exists for supercell fans all over the world, originating from Facebook, which you can access here. I’ve been posting couples updates and information there along with the other active members long before I even started this blog. Since I went out to launch a personal multi-purpose blog, I’m now able to write the news in the form of posts with richer contents regarding the artists that I like, including supercell, besides other topics.

      Of course, I’d like to help in spreading the supercell love; what kind of help is it that you want me to contribute in? =D Btw, you can add me from any of the social accounts I have that I provided on the sidebar (FB, Twitter, Skype) and ring me up to interact easier. (^▽^)

      Anyway, thanks for visiting! ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ
      Glad to know that the contents could be useful for the readers, feel free to share the blog to your colleagues. (≧∇≦)/

      • Ah, I see~ I don’t use FB anymore, lol. Thanks for the link, by the way, many interesting posts there. About the contribution, I think you can say if I need a translator’s help? I believe you know Japanese, or at least know where to get latest news about supercell. Since I don’t know both, I thought it would be great to have someone like that at the forum that can provide the members with news and accurate translation. I hope that’s clear enough? 😀
        And I’ve followed you at Twitter. 🙂

      • Oh, translation help. 😀 Well, I’ll keep on posting new updated stuffs here and translating them to the best of my ability (albeit still pretty much mediocre, haha) for all the other supercell fans out there. Anyway, what kind of forum is it that you’re in?

        I’ve followed back what I think is your Twitter account, waiting for the confirmation. 😀

  2. Okay then, I’ll just take it from your blog then. Looking forward to it! ^_^ Kind of forum I’m in.. Well, it’s still new, just created recently, and still in development process. As I deal with technical things, might as well go find help in content side. If you’d like to visit it >> http://scfans.tk/ << And I've confirmed the follow request, thank you! 😀

  3. Well, hello there, fellow blogger! I first found you and your blog while looking through 40mP-tagged posts in Tumblr, specifically through a Publicized post containing lyrics of Iname-sensei’s “Kami-sama no Okurimono”! Along with your description of yourself here, you seem pretty chill, so I guess I’ll start following you and your blog from now on, yo! \(^o^)

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