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Sputnik Rushes Around Our Earthly Sphere

Tenkyuu Kakeru Sputnik (Sputnik Rushes Around Our Earthly Sphere) is a new light novel with illustrations drawn by the famous illustrator and supercell member, redjuice.


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Tell The World About Livetune: A Fresh Air of Out-of-the-Box, Colorful Music

Tell Your World About Livetune

One of the most amusing and intriguing parts of the growing phenomenon of Vocaloid culture originating from Nico Nico Douga is the fact that the songs are all composed by the users of the software, regarded as “VocaP” (Vocaloid Producer). There are so many great, talented VocaP’s, each of them having their own way of using the famous voice synthesizer to produce masterpieces that captivated millions of people  in Japan, and even around the world. In this post, I’m going to talk about one of my top four favorite Voca-Ps—besides supercell, DECO*27, and 40mP—all of which have influenced my music preference and my passion to be a musician myself until now: kz, or as most of us refer more often as “band” or “group”, livetune.

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